Do you also custom fit sleeve length?

Sorry, we're currently just taking in the seams and arms.

So I put in my measurements, send you one of my shirts, and you tailor it and send it back?

Yes. Using the measurements provided we create a fit profile specifically for you, and return your shirt, better then new within 1-2 days of it arriving with us.

Are the measurements Inches or Centimeters?


Am I measuring the body loosely or true to size?

True to Size?

Am I measuring all the way around my body or from seam to seam on an existing shirt?

All the way around your body.

Am I measuring my body or the size of an already well fitted shirt?

Body measurements, if you look at the example locations when inputting, it will give you some instructions for each measurements.

What kind of stitching seams do you use?

We stitch a basic over-lock and a straight Stitch to achieve a durable and fitted look with a clean seam.